Study – Key data for the Swiss fitness industry 2024

Swiss market report goes into the next round

With the “Key Data on the Swiss Fitness Industry”, the fourth study in a row is already in the starting blocks. And that’s a good thing, because especially after the development of the last few years, important questions arise that need to be answered: How will important key figures, e.g. B. the number of centers or the level of membership? Where does the Swiss fitness and health industry stand today and what mood do operators have as they look to the future?

Did membership numbers increase in 2023?

Were Swiss fitness and health centers able to win (back) members in 2023 and thus reach or even exceed the pre-crisis level from 2019? There is hope, because in the comparison between December 31, 2021 and December 31, 2022, there was already an increase in membership of 11.7 percent (key data from the Swiss fitness industry, 2023).

This means that in 2022 the industry reached the membership level from 2020, but remained 8.2 percentage points behind the pre-crisis level from 2019. Nevertheless, the signs pointed to growth. The operators of Swiss fitness centers were also optimistic: as of December 31, 2022, 99.2 percent expected their economic situation to improve in the next twelve months. The new key data study will highlight the extent to which these recent positive developments have continued and what the membership level is as of December 31, 2023.

Why does your contribution count?

Market research thrives on the participation of the players in the market. Centers of all divisions – from the individual, chain and micro segments – are exactly the players that are at stake. The greater the participation in the study, the more reliable the results and the greater the benefit for the entire industry. We’re all in the same boat – that’s why your participation in the survey is crucial.

What is your benefit?

Market studies such as the “Key Data on the Swiss Fitness Industry 2024” increase market transparency. This means that companies in the industry can better analyze the market situation – even in a European comparison -, assess risks and identify potential for success. The study can serve as a basis for strategic decisions and thus ensure successful existence on the market. With the key data, fitness centers also receive a meaningful regional and nationwide “business card” for external representation to politics, the press and media, as well as to society or investors.

Anonymity is guaranteed

The anonymity of the participants and the confidential treatment of the information is guaranteed, as is the neutrality of the DHfPG researchers who evaluate the questionnaires. It is also guaranteed that the answers will not be passed on to the swiss active association or other third parties.

Take part in the study!

From January 15, 2024 you can take part in the fourth key data study of the Swiss fitness industry! The online questionnaire is available in German, Italian and French.

The survey is available until April 14, 2024 – take part now!