All relevant information about standards

  • What is a standard?

    Unlike laws, norms are voluntary and regulate social coexistence. They acquire a binding character if they are regulated by contracts or if there is a regulation. Using Qualitop as an example, these standards set minimum requirements for the administration of physical activity and health promotion services.

    So a standard is about ensuring quality. Quality is defined in different ways. One possible definition is that quality is the degree of congruence between customer expectations of a service or product and its effective characteristics.

  • How can I influence norms?

    There are different ways to influence a norm. Whether this is from within an organisation or as a member of an industry association. At CI Fitness, you can purchase a membership and thereby benefit from one of the added values “a say in the further development of Qualitop”.

  • What are the standards in the fitness industry?

    Norms are generally accepted rules for human coexistence that are considered binding.

    • Qualitop
    • Fitness Guide
    • EMfit
  • Norm Qualitop

    The Qualitop label is the seal of approval for quality in movement and health promotion. Qualitop is the standard with which movement and health promotion are distinguished qualitatively.