Mission / Mission Statement

Who is swiss active

swiss active is an association that has set itself the goal of developing the health and fitness industry in a sustainable manner.

Tasks of swiss active

  • swiss active is involved in the political decision-making process for the further development of the health and fitness industry. The interests of the members are always represented.
  • swiss active promotes transparency and education in the health and fitness industry by providing access to scientific sources, trends and news related to the industry.
  • swiss active sends positive signals through its openness in the working and professional world as well as through its presence in the media.
  • swiss active offers its members a network of contacts to exchange experience and promote cooperation in the industry.
  • swiss active offers companies the knowledge around corporate management as well as employee management.
  • swiss active aims to promote and sustain quality in the health and fitness industry.

Philosophy and culture

swiss active stands for sustainable and transparent development of the health and fitness industry. In addition, swiss active is strongly committed to a solution-oriented exchange in the industry and, as a cooperation partner, would like to support people in various topics related to the industry. Individuals and groups who are involved in the association’s activities in any way communicate with each other in an open, transparent and respectful manner. Freedom of expression and political, ethnic and religious neutrality prevail in all matters.

Association management

The office is subject to the board of directors. The managing director sees himself as a hub to all offices that are in contact with the association. All decisions are communicated transparently. Decisions of major importance are taken by the members of the Association. swiss active is independent and finances itself autonomously. The employees of swiss active promote the association’s work and its image through open and appreciative communication and enthusiasm. Development and quality are promoted through constructive feedback, whereby the team concept plays an important role.