Players in the fitness industry

What are the players in the fitness industry?

There are different players in the health and fitness industry. For transparency, we list the most important players in the fitness industry in Switzerland.

  • Umbrella organisation

    An umbrella organisation is an organisation that consists of several sub-organisations. As a rule, the members are not natural persons but legal entities.

    • ODA Movement and Health (umbrella organisation of the movement professions in Switzerland)
  • Industry association

    An industry association is a trade association. In this case, companies or individuals from the same economic sector join forces. Their aim is joint representation of interests and lobbying.

    • swiss active
    • SFGV (Swiss Fitness and Health Center Association)
    • BGB (Professional Association for Health and Exercise Switzerland)
  • Standards

    Norms are generally accepted rules for human coexistence that are considered binding.

    • Qualitop
    • Fitness Guide
    • EMfit
  • Certification bodies

    A certification body is an organization that performs certifications in specific areas.

    • Qualitop
    • Fitness Classification AG
    • EMfit