Membership fee

Who can become a swiss active member and what are the advantages of a membership with swiss active?

Members of swiss active can become exercise and health providers as well as fitness centers, course instructors and/or physiotherapies that offer health-promoting training.

Annual contributions

Single member: CHF 99.00

Center member (1-4 locations): CHF 149.00 / location

Chain member (from 5 locations): CHF 125.00 / location

swiss active partnership: CHF 450.00

FAQ about a membership

Provider of professional exercise and health promoting training services.

In addition, you should be interested in dealing with operational, personnel and training-specific quality factors in the sense of the industry.

swiss active is the association in which all key representatives meet in partnership and jointly define attitudes and rules of the game, in the interests of the entire industry for exercise and health-promoting training.

In addition, you benefit from various services as well as attractive advantages and discounts on the subject of exercise and health-promoting training.

swiss active promotes the interests of the exercise and health training sector and all those who wish to advance professionally in it – for the sustainable development of Switzerland as a workplace.

swiss active is often accused of this, but it is not true in this sense. But it is true that the chain operators are also our members, something swiss active is proud of. Especially since the chain operators have also made a significant contribution to the positive development of the industry.

Likewise, the representatives of chain companies were present at the original initiative of the foundation. At that time the motivation was the escalation of various representatives in the industry around the label Qualitop. Qualitop is also not a label of chain operators, but has always been the Q-label of the fitness industry. The label stood and still stands for the integration of all interests, including chain operators as well as small businesses.

Chain stores are an important factor in the strong growth and professionalization of the industry. Likewise, chain operations have also brought their disadvantages. The fact is that every industry that is systemically relevant, both economically and socio-socially, needs both large and small providers.

swiss active is fascinated by how many small studios are showing agility and developing innovative and great quality solutions and ideas. Here, among others, the chain stores learn a lot from the small centers.

For this reason, swiss active wants to work in partnership and on an equal footing with all players in the industry.

swiss active is an association which was founded in 2017. Among other things, the motivation is that fitness center operators, regardless of size, can exchange information and thereby generate added value for themselves.

Behind swiss active are various fitness operators, from small studios to representatives of chain operators.

swiss active is a common vessel where all interested parties in the industry, such as center operators, end customers, related associations or health insurance companies, can exchange information and benefit from it for their everyday life.

Above all, we will continue to be active in the future with many great new vessels. The focus should always be on the attitude for the industry.