8 exercises that are often forgotten in bodybuilding!

This article will focus on some exercises that are often overlooked in bodybuilding, whether you are a beginner or even a seasoned athlete. However, they make it possible to improve your practice and progress, and minimize the injuries. They are therefore essential to good body building practice and muscle strengthening in general.

If you are a beginner or if you resume bodybuilding after a break of several weeks or months, it often happens that you get into bodybuilding too quickly. Experienced athletes, on the other hand, tend to prefer the same exercises over and over again.

The auto-stop exercise to avoid shoulder pain or injury

Four muscles make up the rotator cuff. The autostopper exercise is aimed at the work of the infraspinatus, which is designed to stabilize and support the shoulder (Delavier, 2010).

Train yourself in a long and easy series for better muscle feeling. This gives you stability and serenity, especially when bench press.

In the same vein, solidify the back of the shoulder, with the pulley

Even if they are not completely forgotten, the posterior fascicles of the deltoid are difficult to navigate during execution. A bad attitude slows down progress and creates an imbalance with the other parts of the deltoid. One of the most effective exercises is the side stretch, in which the pulley is positioned above the knees, standing with the chest bent forward (Delavier, 2010).

The classic bench press is not effective for the inside of the pecs

The classic bench press doesn’t effectively target the inner fascicles of your pecs. The inner fascicles are only stressed if the arm is brought inward sufficiently (Delavier, 2016). Therefore, practice the tight bench press or the use of the cables with your torso bent, with your hands crossed well at the end of the movement (Delavier, 2010).

The hammer curl, for a harmonious biceps

For certain arm morphologies, the hammer curl is an interesting exercise as it targets the brachial (under the biceps) and brachioradial (on the forearm), which may not develop adequately in classic curls. A strong brachioradial protects against cracks and improves the aesthetics of your arms (Delavier, 2010).

The reverse dips, a variation to strengthen the triceps

If you do not master the traditional dips well, you can first practice this variant with 2 benches: on one side, your elbows backwards, on the other, your legs up. This variant requires less muscle power and is therefore easier to perform.

Target the right thigh

It is the central part of the quadriceps. Sighting provides a better definition of the muscle and shapes the thigh (Delavier, 2010). For some people it is necessary to work specifically with a standing knee raise exercise. A dumbbell can be held on top of the knee to increase difficulty.

Aim for your hamstrings as well as your quadriceps

In theory, it is always necessary to exercise the agonist and antagonist muscles: if you exercise the quadriceps excessively in the machine, but not the sciatica, you risk a dangerous imbalance between the opponents (Page, 2010).

However, if you do squats, lunges, or deadlifts instead of the machines, they will be more or less equally demanding on the sciatica as well (Delavier, 2010). Don’t forget to warm up. Avoiding knee pain considerably is important.

Work (properly) on your lumbar spine to protect the spine

The specific bench, straight or at a 45 ° angle, is an alternative to the deadlift to strengthen your lumbar muscles with less risk. This exercise is particularly suitable for beginners. If done well, the overstretching is less dangerous for the spine.

To increase the difficulty without shifting your center of gravity, use a barbell with your arms outstretched (Delavier, 2010). Consult a trainer for help to ensure this is done correctly.


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