The business community says YES to the Covid 19 Act

On 13 June 2021, Switzerland will vote on the Covid 19 Act because a referendum has been launched against it. In the event of a “no” vote, all measures regulated in the law – in particular economic aid – will cease to apply on 25 September 2021. The economic committee “YES to the Covid 19 Law” recommends that the Covid 19 Law be adopted.

The Covid 19 Act enables financial aid for companies and employees. The Covid Act regulates hardship cases, the extension of short-time work compensation and income replacement, as well as aid programmes for the media, sport and culture.

The Confederation provides about 35 billion Swiss francs to companies, associations and people under the Covid 19 Act. If the Covid-19 law is rejected, most of the aid measures will expire. “The Covid 19 pandemic would spread unchecked to the Swiss economy and cause lasting damage,” says Daniela Schneeberger, vice-president of the Swiss Trade Association.

“The referendum leaders are embarking on a dangerous experiment with an uncertain outcome,” says Andreas Züllig, President of HotellerieSuisse. After the Federal Council acted by emergency law at the beginning of the crisis, the Covid 19 Act now restricts the powers of the Federal Council. For example, it anchors the right of the social partners and cantons to have a say. “With the Covid 19 Act, the government returned to the ordinary legislative process. Parliament invested countless working hours in its further development. The current version had broad political support in the final vote,” recalls National Councillor Nicolo Paganini.

With a No to the Covid 19 Act, Parliament would lose the possibility to respond quickly and flexibly to developments.

For the reasons mentioned above, various organisations have joined forces to form the committee “YES to the Covid 19 Act” – including IG Fitness Schweiz, which is supporting this project.

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