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«Welcome to My Body Space GmbH!»

We are delighted to announce that My Body Space GmbH is a new individual member of swiss active. As part of the new membership, we interviewed My Body Space. Find out in the following interview with Vesna Naumovic why she joined swiss active.


Die My Body Space GmbH bietet ihre Dienstleistungen in den folgenden Bereichen an:

  • Training
  • Lifestyle
  • Gesundheit

What services does My Body Space GmbH offer?

My Body Space is a pioneer. We offer efficient personal training with vacuum and infrared technology, which is rounded off with holistic support and nutritional advice. The training is not only effective, but also time-optimized. This means that participants can achieve their goals even with a hectic lifestyle.

What is your motivation for being a member of swiss active?

Our motivation is the common interest in high quality standards in the fitness industry. swiss sctive is committed to the highest quality in exercise and health-promoting offers, which is why My Body Space is not only Qualitop certified but now also a member of swiss active.

How do you think the exercise and fitness industry will change in the future? What will the future studio look like?

The fitness industry is changing. People have less time and they want efficient and effective training methods. Future gyms will therefore increasingly rely on innovative technologies and holistic health programs. My Body Space is already following this path with holistic offers.

Location Member

My Body Space GmbH

My Body Space GmbH
Heimstrasse 16A
8953 Dietikon

+41 76 280 34 24

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