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«Welcome to Bodywell Fitness!»

We are happy to announce that with Bodywell Fitness we have a new center member at swiss active on board. As part of the new membership, we interviewed Bodywell Fitness. Find out in the following interview with Martin Leuenberger why he joined swiss active.

Member interview

Bodywell Fitness offers its services in the following areas:

  • Training
  • Health

Which service distinguishes Bodywell Fitness?

Through our personality, the proximity to the customer and the professionalism. We are Power Plate specialists. Short, intensive and successful training when it comes to burning fat, increasing strength, tightening the tissue, training the deep muscles and fighting cellulite. We also train our customers with Human-Sport equipment.

What is your motivation for being a member of swiss active?

We are very proud to be a swiss active member. Through membership, we are always informed about the health and fitness industry, such as the key data study of the Swiss fitness industry. As a Qualitop-recognized provider, we can help our customers to get even cheaper training, since the health insurance companies cover part of it in the form of a preventive contribution. In addition, through the control and influence of swiss active, the high quality in the industry can be continuously increased.

What do you think, how will the exercise and fitness industry change in the future? What does the future studio look like?

A fast, short, intensive and supervised training, just like we have been doing for 23 years. Our customers really appreciate this because they would rather spend their free time with family and friends than with hours of training in the studio. We are finding more and more often that people tend to have a trainer who accompanies them and gives them important tips for a varied and customized training. So personality instead of mass.

Location member


Bodywell Fitness M. Leuenberger
Worbstrasse 180
3073 Gümligen

+41 31 931 77 33

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More Information

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