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«Welcome to PRIME TIME fitness!»

We are happy to announce that with PRIME TIME fitness we have a new center member at swiss active on board. As part of the new membership, we interviewed PRIME TIME fitness. Find out in the following interview with Dominic Meier why he joined swiss active.

Member interview

PRIME TIME fitness offers its services in the following areas:

  • Training
  • Style
  • Health
  • Wellness

Which service distinguishes the PRIME TIME fitness?

The core target group of the new club are the “Urban Performers”: i.e. people who are professionally or socially committed, have little time, but want to do something for their health and fitness in a targeted and efficient manner. In the club, PRIME TIME fitness offers handpicked the best and most modern equipment from leading brands, such as Milon Circle, stairs from Stairmaster, Lateral Trainer and Cybex Arc Trainer as well as cross trainers, treadmills from Wattbikes and numerous strength machines from Eleiko, Hammer Strength or Life Fitness etc.

What is your motivation for being a member of swiss active?

PRIME TIME fitness wants to meet the highest quality requirements, so it almost goes without saying that we are a member of swiss active and a recognized Qualitop provider. swiss active is the only industry association for fitness providers that represents the interests of every provider in the industry. In addition, we receive support for all topics in the industry and know that swiss active represents them to relevant partner institutions. With the Qualitop seal of quality, we are certified for health promotion contributions from all health insurers, which is a great benefit for our members.

What do you think, how will the exercise and fitness industry change in the future? What does the future studio look like?

The training experience must increasingly do justice to the members. Members’ intrinsic goals are key to keeping them members longer and exercising more often. But only if they train in a motivating studio. In a world dominated by technology, the training experience is of great importance for members to feel comfortable. Training atmosphere, safety and hygiene mainly contribute to this. They also expect excellent service. This is the only way to recommend the offer to others. Fitness customers are open-minded, and most want the service of a facility and staff who know how to solve and meet their needs. But customer loyalty with more flexible subscriptions and contract types will also become increasingly important in the future.

Location member

PRIME TIME fitness

PRIME TIME fitness
Poststrasse 1
3072 Ostermundigen

+41 31 525 61 91

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