Network meeting with a breathtaking backdrop!

Highlights partner meeting and 8th ordinary general meeting

On May 2nd, 2023, another partner meeting took place in Zurich as part of the 8th ordinary general meeting of swiss active. As in the previous year, the network meeting took place at a very special location, in the conspicuous feature of the city of Zurich. Around 40 representatives from the health and fitness industry took part in the state-of-the-art meeting room on the top floor of the Kornhaus, 118 meters above the city of Zurich. The imposing view of the city of Zurich alone made it worthwhile for those involved to take part in this event.

Reto Conrad, who was elected the new president of swiss active at the extraordinary general meeting in early December 2022, welcomed all guests on site and presented the most important episodes of the past year. In addition to the key figures of the membership and further development of the industry association and the Qualitop label as well as the upcoming projects in 2023, the ongoing key data study was also the focus of the discussion, which is currently in the final phase. The results are expected to be announced at a media conference in June.

Following the General Assembly, there was an exciting and impressive tour of the Swissmill Tower (Kornhaus), where those present could follow the grain production in the world’s highest operating granary 1:1. The event was rounded off with a finely arranged dinner aperitif with a view of Zurich. Representatives of the following partner institutions were present at this year’s partner meeting: Johnson Health Tech. (Switzerland) GmbH, Fimex Distribution AG, Fitpass AG, Swiss Academy of Fitness & Sports, Sport Mental Akademie, Ratio AG, Soledor AG, Weness and RKS GmbH.

swiss active has around 40 strong partners on board!

Not only has the growth among swiss active members been significantly noticeable in recent years, but also the increase in partners who have joined swiss active since 2020. This reflects the positive and constructive influence of swiss active in the Swiss health and fitness industry. We now have around 40 strong and well-known partner institutions from the industry on board, who provide our members with various advantages with their services for their daily business. Because our partners especially appreciate the direct contact with their preferred target group. Fitness equipment manufacturers, sports and fitness academies, universities, software service providers, air purification equipment manufacturers, etc. are among our partners – we want to continue to develop the health and fitness industry with all of them in the future. True to the motto “Together for the industry”.