Study – Key data of the Swiss fitness industry 2023

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More than ever, the increasing professionalization of the Swiss fitness and health industry is a central topic. This is where the «key data of the Swiss fitness industry» come in. They provide important key figures that not only act as the industry’s «business card», but should also serve as a basis for arguments with investors. A valid amount of data is required for this. This is where you come into play as a participant: actively contribute your part to increase the acceptance of our industry! Your – of course anonymous – participation in the key data study is of great importance!

The corona pandemic had a significant impact on our industry and the current energy crisis also poses major challenges for those involved. But how do fitness and health centers in Switzerland deal with such challenges? And where are we currently in our development? The «key data of the Swiss fitness industry» get to the bottom of these and other questions. As a statistical survey of the Swiss fitness market, they illuminate key figures and thus provide important insights. The research project is being carried out by swiss active in cooperation with the German University for Prevention and Health Management (DHfPG).

Key data study as an impressive Key data study as an impressive «business card»

As a scientific study, the collection of anonymous key data creates transparency and reveals the growth potential of the industry. Fitness and health centers receive important economic data, e.g. on membership numbers and center structure. This strengthens their position vis-à-vis investors and politicians.

The study emphasizes both the health relevance for society and the economic power of the fitness and health industry in an impressive and scientifically sound manner. With the key data, fitness centers and health centers receive a meaningful regional and Switzerland-wide «business card» for their external presentation to politicians, banks, the press and the media, and also to society in general.

Now it’s your turn!

In order to create market transparency and to show the developments in the industry and the potential of the players in the market, we need your active support, because: The great relevance of the fitness and health industry in Switzerland can only be emphasized if a correspondingly extensive amount of data is available . For this reason, it is of the utmost importance that as many people and companies as possible take part in the survey. This is the only way to achieve a valid amount of data.

Here’s how you can take part in the study!

All operators of fitness and health centers in Switzerland are called upon to take part in the collection of key data in the form of an online questionnaire. The study partners guarantee careful handling of all information and confidential data, because the data evaluation is completely anonymous – it is therefore impossible to draw individual conclusions about the participating centers. In addition, the answers are guaranteed not to be passed on to third parties. The results of the «key data of the Swiss fitness industry 20233» are expected to be published in mid-2023.

Please take part in the key data study – together we can bring our industry into a successful future!