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«Welcome City Circle Solothurn!»

We are happy to announce that with the City Circle Solothurn we have a new center member at swiss active on board. As part of the new membership, we interviewed the City Circle Solothurn. Find out in the following interview with the managing director Sue Laubscher why the City Circle Solothurn has joined swiss active.

Member interview

The City Circle Solothurn offers its services in the following areas:

  • Training
  • Lifestyle

Which service makes the City Circle Solothurn stand out?

The City Circle is characterized by its wide range of group courses. These can be adapted to individual circumstances, which means that the training sessions are open to everyone, regardless of age or fitness level. The courses take place outside in the Solothurn fresh air or inside in the multifaceted functional fitness hall, as both environments bring their benefits. We want to get people away from the computer/mobile phone/sofa and out into life! From our point of view, an active, social lifestyle is the best prevention for reducing modern social diseases (burnout, states of exhaustion, depression, diabetes, obesity, etc.). Sport shouldn’t be torture or a must, but a welcome change from everyday working life, where you can meet friends, exchange ideas and do something for your health at the same time.

What is your motivation for being a member of swiss active?

With membership, we hope that swiss active will do more to ensure that more preventive activities (exercise, sport, fitness, BGM measures, club training, etc.) are taken over or subsidized by top performers. Healing costs (loss of work, therapies, medication, operations, etc.) are enormously more expensive and they could be reduced or even completely avoided – not in all cases – but in many cases. Sport and exercise is an efficient medicine that should be supported and promoted more intensively.

What do you think, how will the exercise and fitness industry change in the future? What does the future studio look like?

The studio of the future should offer holistic solutions, use synergies and work more closely with the various departments (employers, service providers, therapists, etc.). We would like sport to be integrated into people’s everyday lives in a sustainable manner in the long term. What is normal as a child is often lost in the course of growing up and the increasing pressure to perform (job, family, etc.). Working models and times should be reconsidered and modernized so that sport can once again become a fixed and accepted part of life.

Location member

City Circle Solothurn

City Circle Solothurn
Zuchwilerstrasse 27
4500 Solothurn

+41 78 876 93 17

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