COVID-19 update on the Federal Council decision of June 23, 2021!

CI Fitness breathes a sigh of relief: Mask obligation in the gym lifted

From Saturday you can again train in fitness studios without a mask and major restrictions. The CI Fitness welcomes today’s easing step: the mask requirement and the capacity restrictions will be canceled as of Saturday, June 26, 2021. However, the contact details must still be collected become. For the members of CI Fitness – more than 500 operators of fitness centers all over the world Switzerland – starts something like normal operation.

«We have waited so long for this day. It is happy I really appreciate that you can train again without restrictions». says Roger Erni, managing director from CI Fitness.

«Above all, however, this is an essential step to ensure profitability for the Owners and an important step for the Swiss population: Get out of the sedentary lifestyle, in into a better sense of life and body». Many people missed the regular one during the pandemic Movement, results are, for example, unpopular health complaints such as back pain or the corona kilos. Now all members can resume their training habits. Targeted Physical training and conscious relaxation strengthen the immune system and activate self-regulation and lead to more balance and satisfaction. «But it’s not just about the physical Health. Many people appreciate the social aspect and the mutual motivation when exercising», stresses Erni.

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