New Partner of swiss active I Sensopro AG

We are very pleased to welcome Sensopro AG as a new partner of swiss active.

From Switzerland out into the world

A small project during sports studies – that’s how it all started. Not so long ago, it was unclear where Sensopro was headed. Today, world stars like Kevin Durant, Joshua Kimmich and Luka Modric train on the Sensopro Luna. What was launched back then as a coordination cage is already much more than that today.

You ask yourself what “the Luna” actually is? – An ugly, much too expensive, bulky device, which today can be found in quite a few fitness centers, physios and at prominent personalities all over the world. Well, almost all over the world.

A project became a piece of sports equipment and a company. Today it’s clear that the journey is once around the world – and it has only just begun.

The partnership with swiss active allows Sensopro to be part of the fitness industry and get even more people moving.

Offer for members of swiss active

As a member of swiss active, you benefit from a special offer. You can test Sensopro free of charge in your center.

If you would like to learn even more about Sensopro, click here!

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