New Balori® e-coordination Trainingssystem

Functional coordination training with a system

The new balori® e-coordination training system from our partner Stewafitness GmbH is an innovative ALL-IN-ONE analysis and training system and is used to improve basic coordination and fits seamlessly into the training world of modern fitness and wellness studios, as well as physiotherapy and rehabilitation facilities.

Thanks to the simple virtual 3D instructions with avatar, there is no need for a trainer. It is suitable for optimizing the quality of movement and speed of action as well as for strengthening and stabilizing the back and joint muscles. In addition, it serves to train safe movement in space and fall prevention in advancing age.

After an initial test evaluated by the system and depending on the training success reported by the system, the level of difficulty of the exercises increases step by step. The results of each training session can be saved and tracked over the course of an app.

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