New CI Fitness partner I ProActiveAir

We are happy to announce that with ProActiveAir we have a new strong partner at CI Fitness Switzerland on board. We look forward to the new, exciting and cooperative collaboration.

ProActiveAir is the manufacturer of the iO + air handler. Why are we talking about a revolution? And what’s the problem with traditional air purifiers? With conventional air purifiers, the air is cleaned of pollutants such as viruses, pollen, dust or pollutants with the strongest possible air flow through the room. The indoor air is often influenced by other pollutants due to tightly closing windows and doors and the massive use of plastics. In contrast to filter technology, we do not wait until the air has reached the filter, but deactivate harmful components directly at the point where they are created. The iO + uses ionization and ozonation to purify the air, modeled on nature.

“We are proud to be able to work together with Switzerland’s largest representative of the fitness and health industry, CI Fitness Switzerland. The goal of sustainably developing the health and fitness industry meets our mission here. We would like to join forces with each other for healthy and pure air in the rooms of the fitness industry “, says the managing director Marcel Zwahlen of ProActiveAir.

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