Coronavirus – Information on the Federal Council decision of 19 March 2021

The Federal Council communicated today that a decision on the reopening of the fitness facilities will be made in mid-April at the earliest. IG Fitness takes note of this decision, but is naturally disappointed.

Against this backdrop, IG Fitness urges the federal government and the cantons to implement the hardship measures quickly so that the urgently needed financial resources reach the companies that are threatened with extinction. The fitness industry is experiencing high turnover losses and many fitness entrepreneurs are on the verge of going out of business.

The fitness industry makes a significant contribution to maintaining the health of the Swiss population: Regular exercise, targeted muscle training and relaxation strengthen the immune system and activate the self-healing powers. It is well known that many common diseases are prevented by regular muscle and exercise training.

It is therefore particularly bitter for those responsible in the fitness industry if they are not allowed to make their contribution to keeping the Swiss population healthy. They believe that strengthening physical and mental health through fitness makes you more resilient.

Shortly after the Federal Council’s press conference, fitness operators were inundated with comments from disappointed members. The need to do guided training again is very high. This is also shown by the great demand and participation, for example, in outdoor training or live streaming of fitness and relaxation courses. Of course, such innovative bridging offers will be maintained – but these do not replace the extensive and supervised training opportunities offered by the studios.

IG Fitness will continue its constructive cooperation with the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) in order to achieve sustainable solutions for the fitness industry in a timely manner.