New Member of swiss active | Tiziano Bizzarro

“A warm welcome to Tiziano Bizzarro”

We are delighted to announce that with Tiziano Bizzarro we have a new individual member on board at swiss active. We interviewed Tiziano Bizzarro as part of the new membership process. Find out why he joined swiss active in the following interview.


Tiziano Bizzarro offers his services in the following areas:

  • Training
  • Health

What services does Tiziano Bizzarro offer?

I have been working in the office myself for over 10 years and know the most common pain symptoms associated with it. As a fitness coach, I am passionate about helping people to get fit again and feel better in their everyday office life. I am aware that many people struggle with challenges such as back pain, being overweight or simply feeling unfit.

In my coaching sessions, I have focused specifically on time-saving concepts that are suitable for everyday use in order to offer my clients effective solutions to their problems. I am committed to helping them achieve their fitness goals and develop a healthier lifestyle.


  • Simple concept
  • Customized for every day and every life situation
  • Get fit quickly and easily
  • Flexible and can be used anywhere
  • Support via the most popular social chats

What is your motivation for being a member of swiss active?

As an avid athlete, I am looking for a community that shares my passion for exercise and fitness. swiss active offers me the perfect platform to network with like-minded people, attend inspiring courses and achieve my goals. Together we can shape our fitness journey and support each other.

Was denken sie, wie verändert sich die Bewegungs- und Fitnessbranche in der Zukunft? Wie sieht das künftige Studio aus?

The integration of technology into fitness equipment, training programs and wearables is expected to increase further. This could change the way people train and track their progress.

  1. The fitness industry could focus more on personalized training programs and services that are tailored to the individual needs and goals of customers.
  2. Virtual fitness classes and workouts are expected to grow in importance as they allow people to join classes and complete their workouts from anywhere.
  3. There could be an increased demand for holistic approaches to health and fitness that integrate aspects such as nutrition, mental health and stress management.
  4. The industry could focus more on sustainable practices and environmentally friendly products to meet consumers’ growing interest in sustainability.
  5. Overall, the exercise and fitness industry is expected to continue to grow and adapt to the changing needs and interests of consumers.

Standort Mitglied

Tiziano Bizzarro
Scheideggstrasse 27-35
8404 Winterthur

+41 78 703 83 02

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