New Partner of swiss active I Eurofins Scientific AG

We are very pleased to welcome Eurofins Scientific AG as a new partner of swiss active.

Individual, comprehensive sampling and laboratory services

Eurofins will visit farms to take samples in accordance with the ISO standard or the specific requirements of the cantons. This sampling serves to ensure water hygiene in accordance with the regulations for drinking water and publicly accessible baths and shower facilities (TBDV).

The collaboration with Eurofins offers swiss active members significant added value. Eurofins not only takes over the sampling, but also all administrative tasks, including scheduling and reporting. Members can thus efficiently check their water hygiene and ensure that their facilities meet the highest standards.

In addition, swiss active members receive exclusive benefits as part of this partnership. Eurofins supports them in complying with specific cantonal regulations and offers transparent reporting in compliance with the duty of confidentiality.

By working with Eurofins, swiss active is underlining its commitment to providing its members with first-class support and services to help them run their businesses successfully and ensure the highest standards of water hygiene.

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