Qualitop: Website with a fresh design & new commission member Dario Rago

Update Qualitop website & Welcome Dario Rago

The Qualitop website shines in new splendor and its user-friendliness has also been improved. Now Qualitop-certified providers or those who want to be certified can access the information they need even more quickly and easily. –> Check it out!

In addition, Dario Rago, a proven expert, has joined the Qualitop Commission. Dario can look back on a career of over 25 years in the fitness industry, most recently as the owner of Body Move Studios in the Basel region. After selling his investments last year, Dario Rago now works as a real estate marketer.

Commenting on his involvement in the association and the Qualitop commission, Dario says: “The fitness industry in Switzerland has developed enormously in recent years, and swiss active has made a significant contribution to this. I am happy to contribute my expertise to ensure that the industry continues to mature in terms of quality and that the relevance of regular muscle training to promote the health of the Swiss population is also firmly established at federal and cantonal level.”