Kieser with a new branding appearance!

New name and new logo – Kieser with new branding

Our swiss active member “Kieser Training”, which has been around for over 55 years and has always stood for health-oriented, efficient strength training, is changing its name, bringing a breath of fresh air to the Kieser brand. “In the future, they confidently focus the brand name on the essentials: KIESER. The KIESER brand name is strong, recognizable and works in all markets.” The company name of the group of companies with “Kieser Training AG” among others will remain. In addition to the rebranding, the term “Kiesern” is to be established as a synonym for health-oriented strength training. “Kiesern” stands for KIESER’s proprietary category between medicine and fitness. “Our customers don’t go to the gym, to the studio, for strength training. They go kieserning.”, explains Patrik Meier, COO Kieser Training AG. The aim of the scientifically based concept is to keep the body – especially the back – healthy and efficient by building muscle and strength.

For more information, please see the media release.