Proper ventilation in the fitness center

Since the past two years of the Covid-19 pandemic, we have known how important indoor air quality is in health and fitness centers. The warm summer days are slowly coming to an end and the days are getting shorter – autumn is just around the corner. This means that more and more people are gathering indoors, for example when exercising in the health and fitness centers in Switzerland. According to the Federal Office of Public Health, more Covid-19 diseases are to be expected in a few weeks.

Proper ventilation as a preventive measure

Good room air quality «Proper ventilation» can therefore be used as an efficient preventive measure in the winter months. The key elements are ventilating efficiently, starting with fresh air, and ventilating regularly and long enough. Another tip on how to protect your health and prevent other infectious diseases such as the flu is wearing a mask, covering up when coughing and sneezing and thorough hand hygiene.

The Federal Office of Public Health will provide information on further behavioral tips this autumn. All further information can be found in the attached fact sheet with all the facts about indoor ventilation.