Staying physically active over the holidays

This article from europe active offers sensible and easy-to-implement suggestions for staying active and fit over the Christmas holidays. The focus is on balancing the different areas of our lives: fitness, social life, work and family life. Just because you can’t fit a normal workout into your schedule doesn’t mean you have to become a slacker couch potato during the Christmas holidays. The authors call for creativity and moderation when it comes to being active – so that your exercise programme fits in with the many agenda items during the Christmas season. Here are the four ideas:

  • Make social gatherings more active. Instead of talking over food and drink, gatherings can be made more active with a nice winter walk with family and friends. An added benefit: social distancing included for those who want to follow the COVID 19 recommendations.
  • Prioritise training sessions. An early morning workout when the family is not yet up or a short evening run. Even a 15-minute online workout in the afternoon will do: Almost every day offers the change to exercise. Just a little effort each day helps you stay fit and healthy.
  • Drinking enough water as a priority. Drinking enough water is important, especially during the holidays when we indulge more than we otherwise would. Especially when exercising, it is important to drink enough fluids so that our bodies can function normally.
  • Set realistic goals. Holidays are also time off – it’s probably not the right time to start a whole new fitness programme. It’s perfectly fine to be physically active every day – whether it’s a walk, a run or an online workout. Enjoy your holiday!