swiss active – CI Fitness Switzerland is against the introduction of the COVID certificate for visiting fitness centers

swiss active – CI Fitness Switzerland is skeptical about the introduction of a certificate requirement for visiting fitness centers and pointed out in its statement on the draft ordinance that this measure would have fatal economic consequences for fitness companies.

swiss active – CI Fitness Switzerland recognizes that the activation of the COVID certificate proposed in the consultation documents would not only affect a few industries and areas of society, but would be more comprehensive and broader this time. However, the association sees the activation of the COVID certificate for attending exercise and health-promoting fitness training as the wrong signal.

«The fitness industry plays an important role in prevention,» says Roger Erni, managing director of swiss active – CI Fitness Switzerland. «The members use the regular training in the fitness center to stay healthy, to promote the body’s defenses, to prevent ailments of the musculoskeletal system and to avoid suffering from illnesses once they have gone through!» That is why the fitness centers are part of the solution, says Roger Erni.

«The introduction of the compulsory certificate to visit the fitness center would prevent many members, at least temporarily, from access to health-promoting training and thus cause health costs elsewhere due to inactivity», adds Ellen Berg, Board Member and CEO of NonStopGym. «Access to the training should therefore continue to be possible for everyone.»

Despite the negative attitude towards the introduction of mandatory certification in fitness centers, swiss active – CI Fitness Switzerland welcomes a high vaccination rate: “Vaccination enables us to retain freedom and it secures livelihoods that we have struggled to fight back in the last few months,” said Roger Erni.

The increasing number of corona cases and the increase in hospital admissions are also worrying from the point of view of swiss active – CI Fitness Switzerland. They bring back memories of the restrictions last year that hit the fitness industry hard. Vaccination is currently the simplest and most effective method of containing the spread of the virus. With a high vaccination rate, we can work together to ensure that we can continue to experience the joy, quality of life and, above all, health that preventive fitness training ensures in the coming months.

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