Research: The Fitness Market Is Far Bigger Than Gyms and Boutique Studios

Fitness has long been an important segment and a key driver of the wellness industry. In Move to be Well: The Global Economy of Physical Activity, GWI (Global Wellness Industry) estimated that in 2018, consumers worldwide spent an estimated US$108.6 billion (an average of US$384 per participant) on engaging in fitness activities. GWI estimates that 3.7% of the world’s population are members of gyms, health clubs and fitness studios and/or regularly participate in structured or independent fitness activities or classes (as of 2018). The following article shows: The fitness market is much broader than just paid memberships or classes at commercial gyms, health clubs and studios.

The GWI’s measurement of fitness participation is much broader than just the number of paying members in commercial gyms and health clubs, which make up only part of the market. It includes membership and participation in a variety of other types of gyms and fitness classes – public, non-profit, university, hotel, outdoor, home and other facilities, both free and paid. While not all of the facilities mentioned here play a role in Switzerland as they do in other countries, there are nevertheless at least a number of parallels to the Swiss fitness market.