New CI Fitness Partner I Stewafitness GmbH

With Stewafitness GmbH, swiss active – CI Fitness Switzerland has been able to win another strong partner. We look forward to the new cooperative cooperation.

Stewafitness GmbH is a partner company of Stewafit GmbH in Germany and Stewafit AB in Sweden. More than 30 years of experience and excellent quality products speak for the brand. At the request of many Swiss customers, the products are now also available directly in Switzerland. “A partnership with swiss active – CI Fitness Switzerland offers us another opportunity to establish our innovations on the Swiss market.” A strong and professional network like that of swiss active – CI Fitness Switzerland helps in pursuing our goal of offering every Swiss citizen the chance of better health and fitness. Our devices cover the entire range of partners of the CI Fitness Association and thus offer training opportunities for sports facilities, rehabilitation clinics, physiotherapy and private use.

«Thanks to the excellent experience of the largest industry association in the field of fitness and health, we look forward to a long and successful cooperation.»

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