New CI Fitness partner I AIRICA

We are very pleased to be able to welcome AIRICA as a new partner to swiss active CI Fitness Switzerland.

AIRICA monitors the quality of indoor air and helps organizations improve health, performance and wellbeing. This is how we create perfect places to work, study and play sports.

We spend 90 percent of our time indoors. And that’s why the young Zurich technology start-up AIRICA has a vision: to create healthy indoor spaces and to sensitize the population to the topic of “Indoor Air Quality”.

Sensors measure the air quality and transmit the data wirelessly to AIRICA. Thanks to the AIRICA feedback device in the form of a lamp, people in the room receive continuous feedback on the air quality and know when to take action. Data on air quality and room use can be viewed in real time via a customer-friendly dashboard. AIRICA helps you to take responsibility and ensure good air quality. Because the better the air, the lower the risk of infection by viruses and the more comfortable the athletes feel in their fitness center. Use the AIRICA Healthy Indoor Air Quality Label to make your good air visible!

«Swiss active – IG Fitness Switzerland and AIRICA are a perfect match, because both have the same mission: to make life healthier!»

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